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It means the world to me that you found my help page. Please stay a while, have a browse and see how we may be able to help you today. I’d really appreciate it if you’d stay long enough to also think for a moment about what has helped you in the past, and take a little extra time to share it with us down below.

Donations can be made directly to Megan’s Paypal account whilst we’re in the process of setting up the projects charity bank account. Thank you.

Go With The Flow Chart ...

Go with the flow chart in…

Struggling now?

Phone a friend, family member or colleague

Charity Helplines


GP – Out of hours

Community Team – Day time

Crisis Team – Out of hours

Ambulance or get yourself to A&E – Can’t keep yourself safe right now!

If You Need Someone To Talk With Now ...

If you need someone to talk with now, these links provide a selection of great helplines…

NHS – Mental Health Helplines

Get Self Help

If you feel more comfortable texting Samaritans offer a texting service; their number is 07725 909090

Support From Our Friends ...

Support from our friends who are sorry they can’t sit beside you right now. But want to share that they care and offer some wise words…

“You are not alone despite what your mind tells you.”

“Be kind to yourself. There’s enough hurt happened and you deserve to give yourself a break. Do something kind for yourself.”

“Get creative – Make a stress ball. Doodle. Write a poem… Don’t forget to share it with us on our Facebook page or Instagram. Our Recovery Shoeboxes are intended to start people off with their tool kit. So we want to see what everyone else adds to theirs it gives us inspiration.”

Useful Apps ...

Useful Apps

We know you all use different phones so these links take you to other pages so you can identify the apps to download.

Water Minder – reminds you to keep hydrated

Headspace – provides guided meditation sessions and mindfulness training

SAM – Self Help for Anxiety Management. We really like this one.

Eve – helps girls track and understand their cycle

The Mighty – one of our favourites. A wonderful, supportive, story-based community

Calm – another great meditation app

Self-Help Sheets ...

… coming soon!

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